About us

The cook
This blog was born as a virtual recipes book. Each recipe is personally tested by me.  I didn’t find any recipes and simply did only copy and paste. I tried every single recipe. This virtual recipe book is more comfortable than older recipes book, you simply have to click on “search” to find what do you need.
I’m apologize in advance for my translation, maybe some errors inside, in that case, please let me know! If you need help to realize any recipes, write me by email and I’ll answer as soon as possible, in english too.


The Sommelier
In the past edition of this website, we entertained to make dinner with some friends and amateur match between wine and food, and the result it was not so bad. From this year that was amateur became professional. Motivated by innate strong passion for the wine, graduated in July 2015 as “Sommelier”, now the wine that we suggest together food have a really professional value.


Our official taste-tester staff
Andrea and Stefania
They are ours critics and referees for all that is taste itinerary and match between wine and food. With extreme courage they taste all the dishes cooked by me and all match wine and food proposed by Maurizio, testing and enjoying all that we prepare and match. Because they are authentic “wine and food lovers”.  Anyway all together we do honor to the Italian food, even sometime I forget to take a picture at the dish!
At this point, I wish you enjoy your meal!

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