Onion Chutney

Recipe sent by André from Montemurlo (PO):
“So I send you this little thing is a type of quick chutney to serve with cheeses like pecorino cheese, foie gras’ goose (Foie gras) then when you get friends for dinner a little special give a little touch of refined
It’s cheap and it’s fast …”

2 Red Onions
Balsamic vinegar

Cut into slices, the two onions.
In a pan to melt a big spoon of honey along with a big spoon of balsamic vinegar.
When everything is melted and well blended, add the onions and cook slowly until the onions are well cooked (approximately 3/4 of an hour).
This quantity is enough for a lunch or dinner for 4 people and keeps well in a little jar for 2 weeks at least.

Hello, goodbye and good day to listen to the programs of Radio Maria …

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