Linguine with orange and anchovy

Serves 4:
4 organic oranges
2 tablespoons of bread crumbs
a few leaves of fresh mint
Olive oil
12 anchovies fillets
half a glass of Grand Marnier
3 cloves of garlic
360g of linguine

Use only organic oranges untreated. Peel to live by removing all the skin. Fry the garlic in a little oil. Chop the anchovies and let them melt in pan, add the chopped oranges and let them melt blending with half a glass of Grand Marnier. Turn off the heat¬† when the orange juice will be released to obtain a cream. Meanwhile, in a skillet toast the bread crumbs (not too much because it becomes bitter). Drain the linguine “al dente” and pan-fry a few seconds in the sauce of oranges, add the bread crumbs and a few mint leaves minced (2 or 3) then serve.

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