Pasta with zucchini

Serves 4:

320g of short pasta (may be penne, fusilli, farfalle..)
3 zucchini
a slice of onion
olive oil
cooking cream 200g (a box)

Cut into small cubes zucchini. Fry the chopped onion and when it is browned add zucchini. Mix with salt, pepper and some chopped parsley. Cook for 10 minutes capped. The zucchini release water and cook slowly. If they remain too dry, add half glass of water. Put the pot of water with a handful of salt on the fire, when it boils put in pasta. When we are at -5 minutes to finish cooking pasta, add the cooking cream to zucchini. Drain the pasta and pour into the pan to mix well and serve. If you like, add chili pepper to taste.

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